Daddy Day Out – Hello & Welcome.

I thought for a long time about what to post here.  Its a big moment right?  First post, site live, clapping cheering and all that jazz.  I wondered whether I should back date posts and pretend Daddy Day Out has been a thriving hub since the internet was first conceived. It hasn’t and I struggle with complex webs of mis-truths!!  I have settled on the idea that I should write, the first post!  Ground Breaking!!!  So here goes.

Daddy Day Out – Blog Post #1

The idea I have in my head for is that one day it will be a thriving community of Dads of every generation sharing tips and wisdom about the best places for a daddy day to remember.  It will be fun and the Dads and kids across the country will be exploring a little more together.
I am a dad and very proud as we all are. Henry, my little dude is currently around the 2 year mark and just at the point where he is letting me know what he wants and more than equipped with the tools necessary to ensure he gets it.  Henry is an adventurous happy kid, always smiling and since he joined my wife and I in late 2014 has been the the root cause of every motivation I have. I am a lucky dad and incredibly grateful for the love I have in my life.
When Henry was born and my nerves had settled I wanted to take him out and make sure we both get into the habit of regular adventure. The problem came when I tried to find something suitable for a new baby and dad to do at the weekend. There were plenty of options for Mum and baby, play groups, social groups and mid week discounts were commonplace but very few options for me. Working throughout the week with very little time for adventure mid week left me with very few options.
The concept came to me while chatting to other fathers who had encountered the same problem and started to notice the difficulties for dads and babies when out without Mum. Simple things were make life hard, no baby changing facilities options beyond of the female toilets, no weekend playgrounds, no gathering of fathers ready to share advice. The mission was clear, the opportunity seemingly obvious. Built it!
So here it is; Fundamentally a directory of adventure, exploration and fun for Dad and his mini humans. The intention is to build an online destination for fathers to find, explore and share feedback on attractions thought out the UK.  Specifically built to ensure you spend less time planning and preparing and more time seeing the world.
This is a community project. It’s success is entirely down to the people that use it but I can’t lay all of the responsibility on you. I need to make this useful. I need to make this something people engage with and feel compelled to contribute to. We ask for your input. Please tell us what you like and do not like about, review attractions, add and share your discoveries. What is right about an attraction? what is wrong with the attraction. The success of this project relies and the engagement fathers across the UK.  I want this to be fun, something your child can be involved in and play a key role in the planning and execution of a successful Daddy Day Out.