5 Budget Missions in Your Local Area

Charity Shop Yomp

General – Your charity shop can be an excellent little mission. Find the right shop and you can happily use up an hour. Wet or dry, charity shops can give young imaginations a real sense of adventure.

Give your little soldier a pound, or even two if you are feeling flush and challenge them to find something brilliant and unique. If you’re lucky enough to have a few charity shops in your local area, the mission is almost guaranteed to be successful.

Charity shops are a welcoming place, full of hidden gems and treasures. Toys, Books, Musical instruments and much more can be found in the depths of charitable giving. Find the right shop, with the right team behind the counter, you might be lucky enough to get a cuppa.

Bus Bimble

The bus, as with all public transport is likely to be a great source of wonder and excitement for your little soldier. For higher ranking soldiers, they are likely to need a destination, but for low ranking troops, a quick lap of town in a bus can be incredibly impressive.

For many, regular bus journeys are rare, the novelty of the experience can make this mission a great one. It is also a great way to see parts of your local area you may not have noticed before. A quick recce of the area can give you some invaluable insight into other potential missions. Why not triple the excitement and find a double decker! Generations behind you agree that the top desk, front window, if it can be secured, should be.

Grab a Bite

Restaurants, Bars and Cafes are excellent missions, most are child friendly, offering equipment, entertainment and supplies for your troops. Given that most are child friendly, more so during day light hours they are incredibly welcoming to soldiers of all ranks. Children menus and lunchtime offers are a import tools if your mission is working on a budget.

In some decreasingly rare instances, cafes and coffee shops are catering for young customers offering baby and toddler mornings and free events for troops. For older children, you may have to dig a little deeper but there are opportunities for adventure within your local eatery.

Establishments of note will likely have a social media presence, speak to the staff, get to know them and find out more about their plans. Who knows what missions lie within.

Library Landing Zone

Our public library service is a national treasure. To keep it we must use it. Your local library will offer you several services that we help you and your soldiers develop and grow.

Age is never a problem at a local library. Most offer facilities to cater for all and a welcoming environment for everybody to enjoy. Exposing your child to books outside the home can really help with their understanding of books and their importance in society. Regular and early reading is proven to help language development and lifelong love of reading.

Public Libraries are free to join and you can borrow a wide range of books straight away.  Typically run by your local council, your library services will differ depending on your region. Online services are now available in a wide range of libraries to allow quick and easy register, reserve and renew. Many local libraries will offer group sessions, activities and clubs.

Many libraries run activities for kids, including craft days and story times, keep your eyes on the notice boards social groups and websites, missions are regularly posted for the attentive general.

Garden Centre Patrol

You may be surprised to hear that your local garden centre is a great place to take troops on a mini mission. Some have Cafes, aquaria and aviaries making them amazing locations to generate some wonder. Larger garden centres will give your troops plethora of sensory igniters. Feeling plant textures, smelling fish, so much fish, seeing and hearing birds and their calls and tasting a couple of windows on the way through. If you find a good one, locally, visit and see the wonder it can creates.