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We are a community of like minded, fathers, sons, uncles and grandads looking for unique, adventurous days out with the kids. We work together to review and map great family days out throughout the UK.

The best Daddy Day Out is planned and executed with military precision. Understand your environment, plan for every eventuality and arrive in good time. We are a resource to share intelligence and document the best possible experiences.

We are still in our infancy. We need your help to build and evolve Daddy Day Out. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or want to be more involved.

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5 Budget Missions in Your Local Area

Charity Shop Yomp General – Your charity shop can be an excellent little mission. Find the right shop and you can happily use up an hour. Wet or dry, charity shops can give young imaginations a real sense of adventure. Give your little soldier a pound, or even two if you are feeling flush and […]

Daddy Day Out – Hello & Welcome.

I thought for a long time about what to post here.  Its a big moment right?  First post, site live, clapping cheering and all that jazz.  I wondered whether I should back date posts and pretend Daddy Day Out has been a thriving hub since the internet was first conceived. It hasn’t and I struggle […]